B. 1994, Tucson, Arizona,

Lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA


Tyler School of Art BFA Sculpture -2016

Philadelphia, PA

Solo Exhibitions


Nature vs. Nurture, Late Space, Pittsburgh, PA,


 Space against Time, Kitchen Table Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 


Star 67, Great Far Beyond, Philadelphia, PA

Group Exhibitions


Re:Definition, ICAG, Pittsburgh, PA


Terrible Feelings, Great Far Beyond, Philadelphia, PA


Vox Populi Open Call, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

Waypoint, Goldilocks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

T.G.I.F, Great Far Beyond, Philadelphia, PA





sublime nature of my thoughts 


Through my art practice I have learned a lot about myself as not only a creator but an inhabitant as well.  I find my work naturally reoccurring around themes of the sublime nature, occupying spaces normally questioned or misunderstood.  For example, the idea of outer space and what lives beyond the unknown.  I have found through my work a coping mechanism of my understanding or lack there of by interpreting what I believe as truth and redirecting it into diagrams and patterns, mirroring images and various symbols that iterate an undeterminable message.  We are not alone, I tell myself as I draw the same ovular shape countless times on paper, canvas, walls; recreating the physical manifestation of my own thoughts and paradigms.  Physical space is essential to finding the existence of most things unseen, grasping what is otherwise unattainable by giving it location, putting a name to that that is nameless. I grow older to only find more hysteria in what I search for through understanding, so close you can taste it, simply to look back and see it was imagination itself that bound me to my curiosity.  Finding words to describe my feeling of the vastness that overcomes me almost becomes impossible, though through expression may I only begin to help one understand the feeling I get looking into the sky, the sublime nature of my thoughts.

            Within reaction to this manifestation I hope to continue learning and exploring the depths of my being that contain answers that I do not know the questions to yet; facing truths and possibilities that then become tangible objects that shift and shape the way I interact with the world surrounding me. I hope to find reason in my process, to understand one day why make I the work I do and what purpose it serves in the grand scheme of my lifetime or the ones to follow it.

            I strive to become the keeper of my direction, the one to decide the motions I make and the paths I follow, though maybe once again these are abilities not yet tangible?  Maybe randomness and chance and blind travel will fall me exactly where I need to be, exactly where I am now.  My life as a visual artist is no different than my life as an inhabitant, a being that traverses space, asking questions and generating endless possibilities to endless encounters.  To ask where I want to go is only to ask more questions, postponing the phenomenon of simply existing; taking in experiences and reproducing them as one sees fit.  I have found that my life as a visual artist is not a choice, but a path with countless potential outcomes to reach the same overlying struggle of finding the unknown.